At G2 Adventure Centre we have an extensive indoor wall climbing facility, with walls ranging from beginner to expert level so there is something for everyone to enjoy. Our walls are colour coded and you can choose to follow those trails or follow your own path! The colours begin with red being the easiest and yellow being the toughest.

Our wall climbing facility is a fantastic and fun way to keep fit. It’s a great workout for your arms, legs, core and everything else, and the increased physical activity is also a great mood lifter – there is a great feeling of accomplishment when you finish a climb. It is also a great mental challenge, giving your problem-solving skills a workout as you try to map the best route to the top. Wall climbing can be enjoyed alone or as a group, you can even race your friends to the top!

At G2 Adventure Centre we take the safety and enjoyment of our customers very seriously. We provide all the relevant safety equipment for our activities and have a fully trained team of staff on hand at our wall climbing facility.

Prices start at €10.