Here at G2 Adventure Centre we have an indoor astroturf pitch where teams can compete in a game of bubble soccer. This is a fast paced activity that can be enjoyed by groups of all ages. Players must score against the opposing team whilst bumping into each other in a game of human bumper cars.

Bubble soccer requires a minimum of 6 players (3 each side). This is an ideal event for sports club, hen parties, stag parties, corporate events, birthdays and more.

The Germans call it Loopyball, while other countries in Europe call it bubble football or bubble soccer. The game itself is a cross between soccer and zorbing. Bubble soccer allows the player’s legs to run around freely or essentially wear the giant plastic orb. The objective of bubble soccer is to score against your opponent’s net and knock each other down while trying. The exercise is real and this IS most definitely a sport. Players’ hands are fixed inside the bubble, requiring them to maintain balance using just their legs.